Arctic adventures at the Lighthouse Island 

Winter is darker up north. When you pass the polar circle, the sun hides for a few weeks.  This makes the colours of the sky more intense in the middle of the day.  When night comes- stars, moon and northern lights take over. The gulf stream brings with it a mild climate, with temperatures hovering around zero degrees Celsius.

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In search of Northern lights

We offer a unique place in which to witness one of the world’s most extraordinary natural phenomena, the northern lights.  Wrap up in your warmest clothes and head out with woolen blankets and homemade mulled wine in your quest for the aurora borealis. We can guide you to the perfect spot to sit and wait for the spectacular show. There is always comfort to be found in our lighthouse beacon, in case the northern lights do not appear due to cloud coverage or low solar activity.


Walks on the island

There are many adventures to be had on the island, allow yourself to disappear into nature along the culture path that meanders around the island past ancient settlements and a 40m deep cave. Take in the sea air and silence as you watch for eagles and orcas. If you would like a guided excursion, we can take you to explore Littleisland whilst explaining some of its long and captivating history.

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Return of the cod

If you are planning to stay for a few days it may be possible to head out on the boat for some fishing against the backdrop of the Lofoten mountain range. Between January and April, the cod arrive in their thousands to spawn, laying the foundations for the famous Lofoten fishing adventure. If you catch some fresh fish, you can bring them back to the island to enjoy for dinner that very night.

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